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Summer 2021

Year 6 Science - Adaptation


Fox Class learned first hand how and why potatoes are grown under a cover of fleece.  We got the chance to ask LOTS of interesting questions...

We produced some posters based on all of the new information we learnt.


To celebrate the end of an era, Year 6 got the chance to spend the day in their favourite learning environment. 


The children's day began with breakfast at school before heading off on our school trailer. 


We were very excited to start our adventure at RAF Honington where we learnt about when the RAF was formed and its history.  We had the chance to put on some of their uniform and face paints!


Edward Wortley, Euston archivist, joined us and showed us to an air raid shelter based on Euston Estate.  We learnt about why and how they were used during WWII.


We then moved on to visit Euston's pheasants and partridges.  We learnt about the game on the estate and how they are bred.  The partridges were very cute and we got the chance to hold them!


After a long walk we made it to Burnt Hall where we went pond dipping, exploring and had the chance to play with our friends.  We then walked a little further before getting a lift on the trailer back to school.


At school Julie had made the most amazing BBQ which we feasted on - it was delicious!


To finish our day, we went to meet Will Lord at his earth hut.  Here we learnt about the stone and bronze age and had the chance to participate in lots of activities.


We had the best day and will remember it forever smiley