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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Welcome to our new topic, Moles! This page is especially for all of the learning we will be doing on the 'Great Outdoors'. I will be sharing your learning from home and popping up activity ideas and challenges. Make sure to keep checking the page regularly.

Scavenger Hunts

Now we are in Spring, there is new life all around us. Baby animals, growing plants, there are new and exciting things to spot everywhere! 

Below is an example of a scavenger hunt. Can you find any of the items on it? Remember it's really important not to pick anything or cause damage to the plants. Perhaps you can take a photo of what you find instead. 

As a challenge: Can you create your own scavenger hunt? Think about the things that you might spot near your home and then give it to someone in your family to complete!


Mind Maps

As always, we have started our new topic by creating mind maps of what we would like to learn. Take a look...

Eryn's Questions

Eryn thought of some questions that she would like to find out the answer to: 

  • What animals like the outside most?
  • How many petals are on a dandelion?
  • What types of flowers come out in the summertime?

Tree Identification

Below is a tree identification sheet. Can you find any of the trees in your local area?

  • On your daily walk, how many different types of tree can you identify?
  • Can you create a tally chart to represent the different trees you can find near you?
  • Challenge: Create your own identification sheet to show others what trees are near you?

Happy tree hunting, Moles!

Nevaeh's Art

Nevaeh has already been exploring the great outdoors to create this fabulous collage of natural art, well done Nevaeh!