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Autumn 1

In Literacy this half term we are using the books 'Handa's Surprise' by

Eileen Browne and 'Diary of a Wombat' by Jackie French. We are exploring adjectives and verbs, as well as the connection to continents, countries and the animals that live there. 


We are then moving onto looking at non-fiction texts about some of the magnificent animals from across the seven continents. We are exploring the features of non-fiction texts, having a go at writing a fact file of our own about tigers and then writing about some of the other animals we enjoy reading about!



5th October 2021

After reading 'Diary of a Wombat', and finding out some interesting facts about them (such as they shape their poo into cubes so that the poo does not roll away and other animals then invade their territory), we created our own dens and became wombats!