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Sound: w


Name: W    Sound: w (wuh -keep it as short as possible)


Action: Waving your hand by your nose as if something is smelly

Writing rhyme: Whiffy Wilson wouldn't wash


Ewwwyyy! Whiffy Wilson had made our classroom stink because he didn't wash!

After listening to the phonics fairy read 'Whiffy Wilson' we practised writing the letter 'w' on to some bubbly soap.

Next, we read different real and beegu words e.g.

wat / wet / was / win

Can you spot the tricky troll word?


After that, we wrote some of our own 'w' words, then put them into a sentence.


We are still having a slight technical glitch with our photos uploading! I will hopefully get them on here asap! :)


...imagine a whiffy wolf with dirty fingers drawing a w!