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General information



PE will be on a Monday afternoon.  Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kits on a Monday.


Outdoor learning

We will be taking our learning outside every Friday afternoon, whatever the weather.  Your child can come to school dressed in their 'messy' clothes ready for our adventures.  Please make sure you check the weather so they wear appropriate clothing.  Wellies are essential as the autumn months approach us - these can be left at school in their trays.


Water bottles

Please ensure your child comes to school with a filled water bottle; we are able to refill these during the day.  Please encourage your child to bring water only.



The children are provided with fruit snacks during the day.  If you wish to send your child into school with a snack, please ensure that this is fruit or vegetables only.



Make sure ALL clothes are labelled as this makes it much easier to return clothing to their rightful owners.


Spare clothes

Please make sure that your child has a spare pair of clothes in school, in case of accidents or getting wet when exploring the water.

MAF Adventure Day


Today, MAF joined us for an exciting adventure day!


We started our day with Manda leading our Collective Worship, where we had a MAF Quiz!

Hedgehog Class then decorated their own paper aeroplanes with something they are thankful for.  We enjoyed flying them throughout the day.


We then ventured out to the field where there was a real MAF plane waiting for us to get inside!  Our imaginations took us to many places around the world, which we drew and wrote about during the day.


The children also had fun guessing what objects were in the boxes by just feeling them.  Every object was something that MAF might take to isolated countries around the world.  We were so good at this!


Thank you to Manda, Nathan, Helen, and Nick for giving us this amazing experience. smiley

Countryside Week


This week, Hedgehogs have had the opportunity to discover more about the world around them.


On Monday, Hedgehogs got on the trailer and ventured to the farm where they learnt about how carrots are harvested on the fields.  The spare collects the carrots from the ground, the carrots then travel up the belt, at the top of the belt the carrot tops are chopped off and the carrots are dropped into the tank.  The children replicated the carrot harvester on the field and got to take fresh carrots back to school.  Back at school, the carrots were washed, peeled ad chopped before being taken to Charlotte to be cooked.  The carrots were served as part of our Thursday roast dinner.  Yum!  


On Wednesday, the children took part in tree identification with Mrs Arnold.  The children looked at different tree species and thought about the similarities and differences in them.  This linked to their learning in science last term, where the children identified trees in their immediate environment.


On Friday, the children enjoyed talking with Chris, the shepherd.  Chris had brought with him a ewe and her triplets.  Chris was amazed by the questions the children asked and was happy to answer them all.  Thank you, Chris!

Farm Visit

Hedgehog Class had an amazing opportunity to visit Euston Farm where they were able to consolidate their learning on mammals and birds.  On the way to the farm we saw cows and their calves and the children were excited about a surprise stop to meet Chris, the shepherd, where there were newly born lambs!  Heading back to school, we were lucky to meet Toby, the Shetland pony.  The best part of the day was getting to stroke the lambs!  "It was the best day ever!" - Joe.

Christmas Story Cafe

on Monday 18th December, we welcomed families into school to join us for our festive Story Cafe. In Hedgehogs, we read ‘Pick a Pine Tree’ by Patricia Toht. The children then had the chance to decorate a bauble biscuit, paint with Norwegian Spruce needles, decorate Christmas trees and colouring. We had lots of fun!

Community Christingle

Hedgehogs enjoyed our Community Christingle afternoon where families joined us for Collective Worship and making our very own Christingles. 

Christmas Lunch 2023

On Thursday 14th December, we all enjoyed our school Christmas lunch.  It was delicious!

A Sprinkling of Christmas

Hedgehogs and Moles sprinkled some Christmas magic on Wednesday with their performance of The Nativity. The children performed amazingly, sang beautifully and wowed everyone watching. We are all so proud of each and every child.

Our First Lunch

Hedgehogs enjoyed their first lunch at Barnham!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Hedgehogs enjoyed nurturing caterpillars whilst they transformed into 'Painted Lady' butterflies. The children loved watching them grow each day in our 'Butterfly Station', they started off as 5 tiny caterpillars, day by day, they grew and made their way to the top of the lid, where they hung upside down! The caterpillars became chrysalides, (we had to be super careful not to move them!), after a few days, we moved the chrysalides into the Butterfly Habitat.


7 days later (over the weekend, typically!), 4 out of the 5 butterflies emerged from their chrysalides as beautiful Butterflies! Hedgehogs were lucky to see the fifth and final Butterfly hatch right before their eyes on Monday morning!


We fed the Butterflies sugar water, oranges and apple. We loved watching them feed on these until Wednesday afternoon, we carefully took them on the cabin field and set them free!

Rainbow Wraps

This week, Hedgehogs have been enjoying preparing and creating their own Rainbow Wraps.  They have all learnt skills in grating and ribboning cabbage, apples, carrots and courgettes.  A zesty dressing was made to accompany their fruit and vegetables and they all got to enjoy tasting their delicious creations.


Hedgehogs have been immersing themselves in Coronation celebrations this week.  They have been designing crowns, writing letters, painting portraits, making a royal carriage and producing bunting to decorate the class.  Watch this space to see more of the exciting things we have been up to!

Thrive Story Cafe

We loved our Thrive Story Café.  We read Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and made our own Worry Dolls.  We decorated biscuits to show different emotions. 

Fire Fighters

As part of our curriculum, we have been looking at people who help us.  This week, we were so lucky to have real fire fighters and a fire engine come to Barnham Primary.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about being a fireman, we got to go inside the fire engine and we even had the chance to squirt the hose!

Greater than and less than

Woodland Adventure

On Wednesday, Hedgehogs went on a Woodland adventure to enrich our learning about the four seasons.  We learnt all about trees and why they shed their branches and leaves.  The children also learnt how to calculate the age of a pine tree!  Of course, a woodland adventure would not complete without a bug hunt.  We found centipedes, spiders, woodlouse, ants all hiding under the logs.  The tractor and trailer ride was a bit bumpy but we all had a great time.

Roald Dahl Story Cafe


Today (Friday 16th) we celebrated Roald Dahl Day.  The children all enjoyed a story from Roald Dahl and activities followed in the afternoon.  Lots of families and friends joined the children to take part in the activities.


In Hedgehog Class, we read the story of The Enormous Crocodile.  The children coloured pictures of crocodiles, hippos, birds and monkeys, they decorated children biscuits to make them sweet (and not bitter) and they made their very own crocs!


We had lots of fun!