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Euston Estate

We are so fortunate that our school is located close to the Euston Estate and surrounded by fields, woods and land belonging to the estate.


The work and life at Euston Estate gives us rich, valuable opportunities for learning across all curriculum areas.  


We are very proud of our partnership with Euston Estate.  The learning opportunities from working in partnership are real, memorable and meaningful and cover all areas of the curriculum.


Did you know that 1 lorry full of potatoes makes 4,800 bags of Walkers crisps!!


Have a look at just a glimpse of some of our learning adventures!


Sugar Beet Test Beds on the Euston Estate.

Autumn term saw the completion of this season's sugar beet testing on the Euston Estate. In collaboration with the Euston Estate, Matthew Hawthorne and Barnham CEVC Primary School, Otter Class have generated some concrete data resulting from testing variables affecting the sugar beet yield. Variables tested were: the method in which the ground was prepared for planting; the method in which the sugar beet was planted; and the amount of nitrogen fertilizer employed. At harvest (conducted by our year 6 pupils), the sugar beet were counted and weighed, before being sent to British Sugar to analyse the sugar content of the beet. 


The project was visited by reporters from the Eastern Daily Press, who wrote an excellent piece in their newspaper as well as online, featuring photos and quotes from our fabulous pupils (please see attached link). It was great to share some of what we do in partnership with Euston with the wider community!


Not only were the sugar beet trials an excellent curriculum experience - opening up huge opportunities for learning in maths, science, English and geography - they have opened up many future opportunities as the research continues and broadens its scope in both time and space, for example looking at the variables of seasonal weather and different soil types. Furthermore, the results have provided data for Matthew Hawthorne that could result in improved productivity in the years ahead. Watch this space!

Sugar beet sampling on the Euston Estate.

Exploring the work of Capability Brown


On a beautiful Summer's  Day in July, Key Stage Two were fortunate enough to visit Euston Hall and Park to explore the works of British Landscaper Capability Brown.


Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown changed the face of eighteenth century England, designing country estates and mansions, moving hills and making flowing lakes and serpentine rivers, a magical world of green.  


Children put their research skills to good use before the visit to aid their learning and identification of Capability Brown influences on the visit.


Here is a snapshot of some research findings:






Allotment Adventures

We exceptionally grateful to Euston Estate for providing us with a ginormous allotment, just two minutes walk away from school!


Squirrel class have carried out an initial visit to the allotment to carry out measuring work, to support their understanding and skills of measuring area and perimeter, along with devising a scaled drawing.  

Squirrel Class have produced some fabulous scaled plans of how they would like the allotment to develop.

Otter Class have also carried out an initial visit, their learning involved some early  archaelogical works, using a variety of tools and equipment to discover what treasures from the past lie within the soil.

Have a look at some of the initial discoveries below! 

Our next learning steps are to carry out some research into the items found and draw upon an expert archivist to deepen our understanding.


Initial Allotment Discoveries - May 2016

The Job of a Farmer

Tuesday 22nd September.

Continuing with our links with Euston Estate, we were invited to join them for the day, where six Year 6 children had the opportunity to join the farmers in digging up their crops and deciding whether they were ready to be harvested. This helped to extend their learning across many curriculum areas, including maths, geography and science.


Thank you to Matthew Hawthorn for taking the time to teach the children these key skills. 

Tractor Visit to Barnham!

Mr Matthew Hawthorne, Farm Manager at Euston Estate visited us with a tractor from Euston Estate.  The sheer size of the tractor was overwhelming for our youngest children.


Here is some of the children's reflections on the tractor visit.



Planting our own mini Euston Estate

With the help of Tesco's providing black buckets and Euston Estate providing the seeds, we have been able to mirror the planting that takes place at Euston Estate.

Each class has planted: sugar beet, carrots, potatoes, maize and onions.


Year 5 learners were given responsibility for finding out about the planting requirements for each crop from the expert at Euston Estate, Matthew Hawthorne. Year 5 then had the very important task of sharing this information with each class and supporting then with their planting.


In a few weeks time we will be having the 'Mini Euston weigh in' to see which class produced the greatest weight in produce.


(I am sure Mr Holman has been spotted singing to Hawk Class' crops!)

I wonder where our next Euston Estate learning adventure will take us.


Keep checking back for further updates