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Forest School - learning and discovering together!

Forest School 

Badger Class and Otter Class have had tremendous fun at our Forest School site.  They have cooked popcorn, potatoes, toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. They have learned to tie knots, have learned about tracking and laid our own trails.  They have enjoyed stories and songs around the fire.  They have spotted lots of wildlife including hares, pheasants, crows, jays, buzzards and kestrels.  If you would like to come along to a Forest School session, please do come along! 

Badger Class Forest School Fun

Otter Class Forest School Archive

Otter Class Archives!

Otter Class Forest School Archives!

Badger Class Forest School Adventures Archives

Mole Class' first visit to the Forest -- Back in the day!

Year 6 Archives!

Year 6 Forest Schools - Archives from our past pupils!

Year 6 Forest School ... In the beginning!

Pioneering Year 3 Forest School Testing our site!

Pioneer Badgers on their first Forest School adventure!

"This place is awesome!" exclaimed Max.

"I can't believe we get to come here on Monday afternoons!" said Josh excitedly, "It's amazing!"


This afternoon (12th October) fourteen children from Badger Class accompanied by Mr Holman and Mrs Truman enjoyed their first Forest School session in the copse of woodland near East Farm on the Euston Estate.  


As you can tell from the photographs, the children had great fun exploring the site and particularly enjoyed sliding down the muddy banks.  They enjoyed collecting acorns, leaves and feathers and some made wonderful leaf crowns.  


During our afternoon we saw (and heard) pheasants, muntjac, wood -pigeons, crows and a hare. Many thanks to Mr Heading for kindly giving us permission to use such an ideal site.  


The children are already looking forward to their next session and have plenty of ideas about what they would like to do next time.


Forest School Week 2


We started our session by finding a quiet 'sit spot' to see what sounds of nature we could hear.  Mr Heading joined us and helped us to identify finches, blue tits, crows and a rook.  We also discovered some pigeon feathers and Mr Heading explained that the pigeon had most likely been hunted by the buzzards that roost in nearby tress..  


We had lots of fun playing 'Capture the Flag' and enjoyed being creative by using acorns to write 'Forest School.'  

Forest School Week 2

Forest School Week 3


We played a game of 'hide and hear' and by keeping so quiet we were able to hear so many birds singing and Josh was excited to get very close to a robin.  


We investigated the elder trees, cut some branches with loppers and enjoyed hollowing out the soft centres with tent pegs before threading the elder pieces onto string to make wonderful necklaces and bracelets. 

Forest School Week 3

We are very excited that Mr Holman is embarking on Forest Schools training and cannot wait to embed this as part of our curriculum.


At Barnham CEVC Primary, we are passionate about engaging children in outdoor learning opportunities and recognise the wealth of benefits that this brings.


Here's a glimpse of some of the exciting activities we have been carrying out in our school grounds, in partnership with The Green Light Trust, in Partnership with The Brecks Project.





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