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(Approx. 30 mins – 9 min teaching video, 20 mins activity)

  • Watch Oak Academy video with Miss Doherty (19mins) ‘Lesson 1: To listen and join in with a persuasive piece’


  • Join in with the sound game.
  • Sing the nursery rhyme with Miss Doherty.
  • What does non-fiction mean? Factual text.
  • Why should your teddy talk partner buy your gingerbread? What makes it so special?
  • See if you can persuade someone in your family to ‘buy’ your (pretend) gingerbread? Are you persuasive enough? Remember to add in lots of reasons why they should buy it!


  • Device to watch video


Maths (Reception):

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Session 3 – Composition of numbers to 5 (3 groups)’ (Alive in 5 – week 2) (5mins)

  • Pause video at different points and complete challenges.


  • Quick! How many dots are there altogether?
  • Create a pond, log and grass at home (this could be a blue top, a shoe as the log and a green scarf – use whatever you have! J
  • Make some frogs (these could be teddies/buttons/chocolates!)
  • How can you arrange the ‘frogs’?


  • Device to watch the video
  • Pack of cards
  • Or picture number cards (in resources bank – not essential but may help if you don’t have a pack of cards).


Maths (Year one):

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Numbers from 11-20’ (9mins)

  • Pause video at different points and complete challenges. (20mins)
  • If you have straws at home, count out 10 and tie them up in a bundle.
  • Pick a number between 11-20. Can you find the correct number of objects to match?
  • Complete warm up ‘Tuesday warm up’ sheet
  • Complete worksheet ‘Yr 1 Tuesday Maths’. Use the 0-20 word mat to support you writing the number names.
  • Maybe you could decorate this number word mat and make it your placemat for dinner time!

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • 2x tens frames
  • 0-20 word mat
  • Straws (if you have them – not essential)
  • Separate sheet (Yr1 Tuesday Maths warm up + worksheet)



(Approx.  20mins)

  • The tricky troll is back! Watch Miss Sutton's video 'The tricky troll'
  • Choose just three of the tricky troll words – write these onto your paper.

  • The troll says 'Don’t be greedy and choose them all – just 3 words!'


  • Bingo - If Miss Sutton or the troll says one of the words that you have written down, cross it out.
  • Once you’ve crossed out all three, you can shout BINGO BINGO BINGO!