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Countryside Week: JCB, Meat Tasting from La Hogue & Poll Cow and Calf

Countryside Week: Prize Giving Sharing Assembly WELL DONE

Countryside Week: Deer Management & Bee Keeping

Countryside Week: BASC Air Rifle Shooting

Countryside Week: Exploring the machinery used on Euston Estate

Countryside Week Launch Day: Treasure Hunt

Mrs Dowds awarded the first Pen Licences to Foxes pupils who have great handwriting and punctuation.

7th June Shape Treasure Hunt Our active maths lesson was a treasure hunt using the shape knowledge we had worked on during the week.

21st May PTA Sponsored Obstacle Course. We had great fun this morning getting some exercise and raising funds for the school.

17th May Exploring Shapes using Geoboards

14th May Exploring Electricity

13th May Active Maths: Place Value

9th May Class Story Map - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

25th April Our visit to the Suffolk Farm and Country Fair

Our Class Iron Man Poem

Co-ordinates- Active maths

Ch are using their understanding of co-ordinates to play a game of connect three and create shapes within a grid. 

Stone Age- Will Lord- Posters to show what we found out- 14/3/19

Stone Age- Will Lord visit- 13.3.19

Will Lord came to visit and had some real artefacts to show us, such as animal rugs, musical instruments and spears. They showed us how to start a fire with flint and straw and how the stone age tribe used to hunt by organising the roles to each other. The best hunters would go to the back of the animal and then they would get the less experienced hunters  to go at the front to distract the animal. They also showed us how they would perform surgery on the injured too if they had a brain injury in order to relieve the pressure and help them survive. Some skeletons that were found even had 6 puncture holes in their skull which highlighted this. 

12/3/19- The Iron Man- Freeze Frames to show when Hogarth met the Iron Man for the first time. Characters showing their thoughts and feelings too, along with what they might say or what could happen next.

5/3/19- The Iron Man- Introduction to the Iron man- re-enacting what happens in the first scene.

Time Bingo as a group- 5/3/19- Children telling the time to try to win at bingo.

28/2/19- Science- Introduction to Food chains with Mrs Reeves

22/2/19- Farm visit- To relate what we had learnt about area and perimeter to real life contexts on the farm at Euston Estate.

Dictionary Work

Children in Fox Class have been busy learning how to use dictionaries; spellings have never been so much fun! The children were all so engaged with their learning that we couldn't resist the opportunity for photos :-)

Harvest Festival - If life were a pumpkin patch.

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Year 4 Curriculum

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We hope you had a fantastic summer holiday! We are really excited for the year ahead and the wonderful learning opportunities to look forward to. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


The Fox Team