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Collective Worship

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Join Mrs Arnold in a Collective Worship to start your week.


Blue writing (except links) is Year 1 work/extension



(Approx.30 mins – 12 mins teaching, 20 mins activity)


  • Draw your favourite part of the story. (5mins)
  • Label your picture. (5mins)
  • Write sentences to explain your favourite part. (10mins) Before setting this task, discuss their favourite part with them. Add any tricky words to the word bank to support their writing.
  • Remember to first say your sentence, then write it. Use your sound mat to help you. Don’t forget: Capital letters, finger spaces and what goes at the end of a sentence? Full stop! Unless you are shouting (!) or asking a question (?).
  • Join in with Mr Guillian dancing at the end.


  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Template for writing and drawing (not essential) (Literacy Monday template)


Maths (Reception)

(Approx. 30 mins)


  • What objects in the video show 4 – discuss. (5 mins)
  • Can you collect groups of 4 items from around the house. Put them on a five frame (15mins)
  • Talk about what you notice.
  • Complete ispy 4 sheet (5mins)


  • 5 frame (Download available ‘5 frame and 10 frame’)
  • Device to watch video
  • Ispy 4 sheet


Maths (Year One)

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Pause video at different points and complete challenges. (20mins)
  • Use the sheet to answer questions (see below for sheet details).

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Separate sheet (Yr1 Monday Maths)



(Approx.  20mins)

  • Watch Miss Sutton’s video: ‘th’
  • Pause it at the relevant points for your child to answer any questions, to practise letter formation or to fill in each part of the sheet.
  • The sheet required is called ‘Phonics: th’.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, please don’t worry – children can write it out on a piece of paper, the sheet isn’t necessary but may just be handy as a reference J
  • Finish off with some games on Phonics play
  • They have a new free login - see below!
  • Username: jan21
  • password: home