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Religious Education


RE is taught with reference to the Suffolk County Council agreed syllabus. Our close links with the local Church, enable the RE curriculum to be relevant and real for our children.  RE learning and daily Collective Worship are linked by our Christian values, chosen by the school community.   Worship is an important part of our school day; it fosters a sense of community and provides the opportunity for quiet reflection.  We share stories, poems, prayers and songs; we also have visitors who lead our Collective Worships each week.  We hold regular services in our village church, St Gregory's Church, including Harvest, Christmas and Easter Celebrations.  Parents who wish to withdraw their children from Religious Education should contact the Headteacher.



When a child leaves Barnham CEVC Primary School, we want them to be religiously literate. They will be able to engage in meaningful and informed dialogue about faiths and world views, showing an informed and respectful attitude. 


To enable them to do this, they will have developed knowledge and understanding of Christianity as a living faith, which influences the lives of people worldwide.  They will also have knowledge and understanding of other major religions and world views and will begin to understand their impact on society, culture and the wider world.


At the end of their time at Barnham, children will have an awareness of their own spiritual, philosophical and ethical convictions and how these influence the way that they live their lives.



All classes will timetable RE into their weekly teaching.  On occasions, RE will be taught in blocks depending on the learning taking place.  We follow The Emmanuel Project units studying key concepts within religions.  Our Religious Education meeting the statutory requirements set out in the Suffolk Locally Agreed Syllabus.