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Spring 2020

Measuring down on the farm!


Badgers were lucky enough to get a chance to go down to the farm to utilise the skills we have been learning in Maths. We have been focusing on measuring in mm, cm and m, always remembering to start at 0, of course. We thought it would be a really good idea if we could go out and use these skills. Mr Hawthorne, very kindly, ploughed 3 shapes into one of the fields - a triangle, a circle and a square. We used a tape measure, trundle wheel and a metre stick to measure the perimeter of the triangle and square. We also measured the circumference and diameter of the circle. We found out they were over 100m long! 

Wow! What a lot of measuring from cm squares in our books in the classroom to 100m out in the field!


1m, 2m, 3m...

Hedgehog visit the Farm to explore size


Today, we went to the farm to explore measurement and size.


To start, we focussed on using key maths vocabulary: taller / shorter / longer


We used our hands to measure the sticks. We made sure that we started measuring at the end of the stick and counted each hand as we moved along. After that, we ordered the sticks in the ground from shortest to tallest.

Next, we had a challenge... to find a stick, measure it and place it correctly in the already measured sticks, ordering them in size.

After that, we had a competition to see who could find the tallest stick...

This branch was 40 hands long! Our next challenge was to see who could find the shortest stick...

Robin won, with a stick so small we could only just hold it in our fingertips!



Finally, we measured a tractor track in the field. We decided that using hands to measure it would take far too long, so we decided to use strides! This tractor track was 80 strides long!

Thank you to Mr Hawthorne who prepared his field and branches ready for us to use!