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WB 8th Feb

Census Week

This week we are also looking at census, below are some extra activities that you can complete to learn all about it :)

Monday 8th February 2021

❄️ School is CLOSED today ❄️

Good morning Moles! 
Have you seen outside?! We were so excited to see the snow this morning so rather than completing your learning today, choose to do something from the list below.

❄️ Make a snowman
❄️ Make a snow animal (take a look at the pictures below!)
❄️ Photograph your snowy garden scenes
❄️ Read a story with a warm drink...
❄️ Have fun in the snow!!! 

There will be a whole class Google Meet at 10:30 so we can share some of our snowy adventures but don’t worry if you can’t make it! I’ll post the link just before on our Google Classroom 😊 

Happy snow day! 
Miss P x

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Session 1:  Happy Tuesday Moles! Let’s do the penguin dance!

Session 2: Can you remember who the Tricky Troll is?

Session 3: English with Mr Johnson

Session 4: We are using some really important vocabulary in today’s maths lesson – do you know what equivalent means?

Session 5: Check out TTR to practise your timestables.

Session 6: Do you know who Christopher Columbus is? He is a significant individual!

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Session 1: Join Joe Wicks in his live PE lesson at 9am!

Session 2: Let’s do some more phonics with the new Phonics Fairy!

Session 3: English with Mr Johnson!

Session 4: Can you find three quarters?

Session 5: Do you know what odd and even numbers are?:

Session 6:  Let’s get arty, let’s get crafty! Can you create your very own alien mask? Make sure to upload a picture onto Google Classroom!

Thursday 11th February 2021

Session 1:  Let’s be astronauts in our yoga today:

Session 2: Phonics with Miss P

Session 3: English with Mr Johnson!

Session 4: Let’s look at fractions!

Session 5: Use this game to reinforce your understanding of fractions:

Session 6: It’s time for some outdoor learning! Can you create a view finder? I wonder what you will find through it…

Feel Good Friday 12th February 2021