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Summer Term Week 2

Hello Squirrels.  I hope you all had a good weekend and made the most of the amazing weather.  I read that it has been the sixth warmest April of all time in the UK.  I have set the usual English and maths for the morning.  As we would usually have PE with Mrs Shepperson and Art with Mrs Jameson and Mrs Gower in the afternoon, please make a start on the art project that Mrs Jameson posted on Friday.  After that, why not have a go at creating your own Joe Wicks-style PE lesson?  Maybe you could film it?  Or perhaps teach the routine to the members of your family by demonstrating the moves and then inviting them to join in.  Have fun!  
Hi everyone,
I am in school today so I won't me able to respond to your emails and comments (I am also in on Thursday and Friday).  Mrs Bird is in too  -  and she can't wait to see me!  I have set English and maths for the morning and there is some science work for the afternoon.  I hope you all have a good day.
Hello everyone,
This term we are going to start an exciting new topic called 'Pharaohs and Tomb-raiders!'  During this topic we will be learning about Ancient Egypt.  This afternoon, complete a mind-map to show what you already know about Ancient Egypt.  Write 'Ancient Egypt' in the middle of your page and draw a cloud around it  - or be artistic and add some pyramids - and then write the words and phrases (rather than whole sentences) that you associate with Ancient Egypt (such as pyramids, Pharaohs, Nile and so on).  Don't worry if you don't know too much yet - you will soon be an expert!  After that, please write down at least five questions (can you think of ten?) you would like us to research as a class about Ancient Egypt.  I look forward to reading your suggestions!  
Hi everyone,
I am back in school today.  It was good to see Jude and Sarah on Tuesday - I am missing the rest of you!  For English today, use the templates as a guide to writing your own newspaper report about Captain Tom and his amazing fundraising efforts. I think the work will take a while, so please take your time to finish it in the afternoon. You can choose whether to write a report in your book, on paper or on the computer.  Remember to include the features we looked at when you wrote your amazing reports on the seal pups (headline, picture, caption and quotes). I have also attached a clip of his number one hit with Michael Ball. Have a good day!
You have made it to the end of another week.  Well done for all your efforts (children and parents!)  I have attached the Peter Kay and NHS song clip for your enjoyment.  Turn it up and sing a long!  Ask your parents to test you on your spellings (i have attached the spelling list from Monday).  How many can you get right?  There is also some work on similes for English today.  In the afternoon, have a go at translating the French cafe song.  You can write down the translation if you like.  If that is a bit tricky, see how many food items you can translate into English.  
Have a good weekend!