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WB 25th Jan

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Monday 25th January 2021

Session 1: It’s a PE with Joe day! Join in with Miss Potter!

Session 2: Check your Spelling Shed app for the new sounds Miss Potter has set.

Session 3: Did you spot any aliens in the story? Let’s use adjectives you describe them.

Session 4: We are sharing equally today. Watch the slides below:

Session 5: Division Game

Session 6: Can you complete the reading comprehension below? You do not need to print the sheet, just right the answers on a piece of paper!

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Session 1: Starry Space Yoga
Session 2: Here is a phonics game:

Session 3: We are making our very own aliens today! Watch the slides here:

Session 4: Today we are making equal parts! Watch Miss Potter:

Session 5: Check out TTR to practise your timestables.


Session 6: This is our third food chain lesson and we are going to be creating our own today!

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Session 1: Join Joe Wicks in his live PE lesson at 9am!


Session 2: Look on Spelling Shed to see the challenges Miss Potter has set.


Session 3: We are using our knowledge on adjectives to describe the aliens we created yesterday:

Session 4: I wonder what a half is? Let’s find out:

Session 5: Try this online Maths game:

Session 6: Can you remember who Van Gogh is? He didn’t just create ‘Starry Night’ he also created ‘Sunflowers’. Let’s have a go at recreating it ourselves!

Thursday 28th January 2021

Session 1: We still love Trolls, right?!:

Session 2: Look on your Spelling Shed app to see what sounds you have to finish.

Session 3: We are creating our very own alien fact files today. I wonder what your alien super powers will be?

Session 4: Can you make a half? Look below…

Session 5: Go onto TTR and practise some of the times tables.


Session 6: Time for some outdoor learning! What birds have you spotted outside?

Friday 29th January 2021

Session 1: It’s the final PE with Joe of the week and it’s Fancy Dress Friday! Bonus points if you can dress up for it (make sure you send a photo to Miss Potter).


Session 2: Look on your Spelling Shed app to see what sounds you have to finish.


Session 3: Can you remember what a speech bubble is? Let’s put some speech bubbles with our aliens!

Session 4: You have mastered halves, let’s look at quarters!

Session 5: This is Miss Potter’s favourite game from when she was a little girl! Can you shut the box?
Session 6: Can you remember what coding is? Have a look at these online games