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Otters' Logo Designs for the Fiver Challenge

The Fiver Challenge has begun, and Otter Class have already done some fantastic work on their businesses. I am always really impressed with how  the children embrace the spirit of the challenge, and am blown away by the creativity and range of their ideas. This week, we have been working up logos for the businesses and have entered five into the national competition - three from Otter Class: XQS by Xander Quinlan; American Treats by Mia Sheridan; and American Ark by Kadie Hartwell, Ava Delilla and Rachel Mitchell. I would have liked to have entered all of the children's designs but five was the maximum allowed to our school. I am therefore putting the rest on the website to give them the exposure they deserve!

The SATs are behind us! I would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone involved with year 6, both at home and in school, and most importantly to the wonderful children. Compulsory testing is one of the challenges of modern education, and like all other challenges, we have to find our own way of navigating and overcoming them. I have been more than impressed by how the children have managed themselves both before and during this testing period, and I have every faith that they can take their steely determination, maturity and resilience under pressure forward into their futures. 


Very, very, very well done!


Mr King

Otter Class' last term at Barnham CEVC Primary School has begun! And what a busy and exciting term it promises to be! The week beginning 8th of May sees Otters taking their SATs assessments, before the emotional and tiring (although loads of fun!) run in to the end of the year. Throughout June, years 5 and 6 will be taking part in the fiver challenge: investing an initial sum of £5 into a business of their own making, as well as getting to keep a proportion of any profits that they make. Transition events and days to a multitude of high schools have already begun and will gather pace into July. Furthermore, July will see year 6 go on their residential field-trip to Hautbois Hall in Norfolk (near Wroxham), before the end of year celebration - sending everyone off on a massive emotional high before the next exciting stages in their lives. We will also be planning a holiday to the south of France, as well as designing and running an Otters' Casino (not for real money of course, and highlighting the risks of gambling!).