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Happy Tuesday to you!


I hope you have had a great start to the week already. 


We have a show and tell at 2:45. The link will be posted on the Google Classroom at 2:35. Bring something you want to share with the whole class. You can have a show of it and tell us all about it. I can't wait to see you all! Don't be late smiley


Have a wonderful day. 


Miss A yes

Collective Worship - Tuesday 26th January

For today's handwriting I would like you to get a book and have a look for 5 contraction words. Contraction words are where 2 words have been pushed together and some of the letters have been replaced by an apostrophe. For example- don't= do not, isn't= is not, won't= will not. 


I would like you to write the contraction 3 times. I would then like you to write the original words. 


For example- 




should not


Happy word hunting😊

Remember we use subordinating conjunctions every day when we do handwriting in school. You should all be experts at this. We also know more Co-ordinating conjunctions. We use FANBOYS in school. Can you remember what all of the letters represent? 

Maths Video

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