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Book Blanket

We decided that we had too many books in Mole class (can you believe it?!) and it made it too tricky to choose so we set out all the books in a giant blanket and chose some of our favourites or ones we would like to read. We had great fun seeing all the books laid out!

Real Reading

Miss Potter found some really interesting leaflets all about toads and thought they would be perfect to read because we have been doing so much learning about animals. We really enjoyed  learning real facts.

Woodland forests and Rainforests

Moles have been learning all about forests in Science and today they were challenged to sort the animals into their correct habitats.

Mister Magnolia

What a week of visitors! Mister Magnolia came to visit us today and taught us the phonics sound ‘u-e’! 

Caveman Dave

In our phonics lesson today, a caveman turned up with a very special story to help us learn the a-e sound! a-e a-e caveman Dave!!!

Bury Spectrum Gym

We were very lucky to be able to visit Bury Spectrum Gym this week and try out their equipment. It was a really lovely day out and Moles made us super proud with their grown up choices, amazing behaviour and bravery with trying different things. Well done Moles, you made Barnham proud!

In the foggy foggy forest...

We were learning the ‘ph’ sound in our Storytime Phonics lesson today and the strangest thing happened - the classroom got foggy! We really had to hunt for our words.

If you go down to the woods today...

You will spot Moles collecting lots of interesting vocabulary to help them write their setting description of a forest. We thought of some really interesting words as we were inspired by the sounds, smells and sights around us. It helped us to make our writing really interesting to the readers!


Moles were very excited today because Father Christmas came to visit us! He told us we had been working super hard and brought us all a special present, it was very exciting!


Moles have been learning about habitats in Science, we learnt so much that we decided to create our own habitats for different animals based on their needs. They look so cool!

Seed to Sugar

Moles and Hedgehogs have been reading the book ‘Biscuit Bear’, which has given us lots of opportunities to do our own baking. Moles wondered where some of the ingredients from our baking come from. We wanted to know if sugar came from bees or grew on trees?! Mr Hawthorne very kindly took us to a sugar beet field and explained where sugar came from. We even got to have a go at pulling our own sugar beet out of the ground - it was tough work! We have learnt lots of facts about where sugar comes from!

Maths Learning

This week we have been impressing Miss Potter with our amazing Maths learning! We have been focusing on place value, using concrete resources to represent numbers. Moles have been working really hard and have made lots of progress!

Welcome Back!

We’ve had a lovely first couple of weeks back at school, Moles have been exploring the classroom, making new friendships and doing lots of learning. Keep your eyes peeled on our class page to see what we have been up to each week. Our focus text this half term will be ‘Biscuit Bear’ and we will be linking lots of our learning to this.


Key Information:

Moles will be doing PE on a Wednesday but please make sure that they have their PE kits in all week in case anything changes!