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Welcome to Badger Class. 


We are so excited to have you and we are so looking forward to a very exciting year together. 


Teacher: Miss Anderson 


Teaching Assistant: Mrs King


Key Information

PE- In our class PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. Children need to come into school ready for PE and stay in their kit all day. This reduces the amount of things we need to bring into school. 


Water bottles- Children need to bring in a bottle of water everyday and take it home every afternoon so it can be washed. 


Bags- At the moment, children do not need a bag to bring into school, just their water bottles and lunch box. 


Tuck- KS2 children are able to purchase a snack from the kitchen everyday. Please give your child 50p in a sealed envelope to bring to school with them. A variety of snacks will be available- from fruit and yoghurt to sausage rolls. Envelopes are available just inside the office door, on the window.

If your child is in KS1 and in Badger class, they will be provided with a piece of fruit each day. 

Our topic this term is the Romans!! 

We have started off by discussing what we already know about them and learning about 3 invasions. We learnt that Julius Caesar was in charge during the first two invasions and they were just 1 year apart. The third invasion was lead by Emperor Claudius and it is where the Romans were successful. We loved working out how many soldiers were fighting in total by multiplying the number of legions by 5000. We used our knowledge of out 5s to help us.