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It's Friday! You made it all the way through the week. Well done. 


You should be mega proud of all you have achieved this week. You have worked so hard I am going to give you two days off... 


Have a wonderful weekend. 


See you on Monday. 


Miss Asmiley

Today in handwriting is our final assessment of our 'b' Common Exception Words! Get someone to test you! Let me know your score. 



They are:


Next week we will be focusing on our 'c' Common Exception Words. 

Reading Comprehension: Stone Age

Maths End of Unit Assessment

This Maths assessment is to be completed independently. You can read the questions to them but must not help them with working out the answer. If they really don't know, then they can leave it and come back to it later. I want it to be a true reflection of what they can do. Anything that they struggle with will be used to inform planning and be recapped.


Please let me know what they scored for each questions.

You can always send me a photo of the complete assessment. 

Outdoor activity


It's Friday Badgers! I want you to get outside for as long as possible. 


Your challenge this week is to find something beginning with every letter of the alphabet. That is 26 things! Can you do all 26? I can't wait to see what you find! 


Have fun!