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Countryside Week 2019

Countryside Week 2019


The weather on our Countryside Week launch day perfectly matched the atmosphere as our exciting treasure hunt propelled us into Countryside Week; with a fresh and sunny start we were all raring to go.


With an initial starting clue to lead each class to the first treasure bucket the hunt was underway!

7 different buckets, all containing a different object related to the week ahead, children had to guess the object and answers the questions ready to find the next clue!





Even the chickens were hiding a clue!

Day One


We were super pleased to have RAF Honington supporting our learning on our first day. We heard all about life in the RAF, including the training and fitness requirements. We explored holding some of their kit, it was very heavy!

The airmen told us all about the different weapons that they are trained to use, along with how they can see things at night and far far away.


We were fascinated to hear all about 'tracking' and how carefully the airmen are trained to look at footprints in the sand / soil.  Did you know that even if the enemy uses a leafy branch to cover over their footprints you can still work out which direction they are moving in.

We had a go at concealing our footprints; along with trying to work out the height of someone from the size of their kneeling print.


A big thank you to RAF Honington for making it so memorable. 

On look out!