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Week Beginning 22nd June

Monday 22nd June

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a good weekend.  I have set some work on hippos for English this week.  I will post some more videos of 'The Explorer' soon.  This afternoon for art, have a go at leaf drawing by following the guide on the video attached below.  You could sketch some leaves outside as part of your '30 Days Wild' experience.  Please share your sketches with me! 

Tuesday 23rd June


After today's maths and English, I have set some more work on Ancient Egypt.  Follow the link to learn about the importance of farming to the Ancient Egyptians:

Complete the online activities and then in your own words write about the three different seasons in the Egyptian calendar.  Add an illustration to accompany each description.

Extension task: make a list of similarities and differences between farming in Ancient Egypt and farming in Ancient Britain.  

Wednesday 24th June

For today's science lesson, watch the video clips, complete the interactive activities, read the text and then, using the information in this guide, design a fact sheet or poster to explain what and how the circulatory system works.  Also, check out the website and try Mrs Shepperson's 'Beat the Teacher'  PE challenge!

Thursday 25th June

In the afternoon, read about Rosa Parks find out more about her by watching the videos and completing the interactive activities.  As an extension activity, consider what Rosa Parks would think about the death of George Floyd and the spread of the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign.  Write down your thoughts.  

Friday 26th June

In the morning, do the English activity on the slide below and ask someone to test you on your spellings (or test yourself) and try the Friday maths challenge.In the afternoon, complete any unfinished work and then why not have a go at designing and making your own bath bomb?  If you don't have all the ingredients you could try making one over the weekend.  Alternatively, you could have a go at designing your own bath-bomb packaging.  Have you managed to beat a teacher yet?  See the link below!  Have a great weekend.