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Welcome to Squirrel Class!


Class Teacher: Miss Goatham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jameson 



Homework will be set every Thursday and will be due back on a Tuesday. The homework will include Maths (this will be a consolidation piece from what the children have learnt within the week). Additionally, they will be given spellings to learn, ready for a spelling test on the following Tuesday; these spellings have to be put into sentences that include a SPaG element within it. 



PE lessons will be every Monday and Wednesday; however, this could change at any time and PE could happen on another day. Therefore, I would advise that your child has their PE all week and then they can take it home (to be washed) at weekends. 

Countryside Week


19th June: My favourite photos from today

Our Countryside Week at Euston Park

17th June: My Favourite Photos from today


Today, Year 5 were able to explore all the machinery used for farming; the children asked some fantastic questions and were very excited about their local learning!


RAF Tracking

Today, Year 5 learnt about RAF Tracking. The children learnt about the rifles and weapons used within the RAF as well as spotting clues within tracks left behind by potential enemies. 

The book for the term: Pig Heart Boy




Art and Design

Today, we sculpted human hearts using clay. We used all our sculpting techniques to produce a heart that clearly shows the chambers, veins and arteries. Take a look at the pictures below... 

Sculpted clay hearts...


Year 5 have been learning about the heart; they have produced scientific labelled diagrams that clearly show all the chambers, veins and arteries within the most pivotal muscle in the human body.

Heart Diagrams

SCIENCE: Pig Heart Dissection

This term, the book we have been reading is 'Pig Heart Boy', and as a result of this, the children have learnt all about the heart and the circulatory system. Today, the children have been fortunate enough to actually dissect a pig's heart; it was messy and it was smelly but it was so much fun! The children were able to locate the four chambers as well as the main artery and vein leading to and from the heart. 

Below are some pictures that completely sum up the irresistible, real life learning in year 5...


Pig Heart Dissection

A Debate...

Judge Trotter came to Barnham today to provide Squirrel Class with a fair trial - Should Cameron have a pig's heart transplant?

The children were able to debate and analyse the pros and cons based on the above question. The trial happened and the jury decided that Cam shouldn't have the pig's heart transplant!

Should Cameron have a pig's heart transplant?

Argument and Debate: Should Primary Schools wear school uniforms?

Viking Shields

What a busy week in Squirrel class: drawing Viking ships, e-safety day (creating e-safety board games) and tea tasting in literacy.

Forest school’s with Mr Holman and Mrs Pointer

Science Week: Electric Art, circuits using dough.

Science week: Make it Fly, Squirrel class made paper aeroplanes today and we judged how far they would fly as an mean average over three test flights. We also talked about gravity and air resistance.

British Science Week ‘Journeys’ Squirrel class moon buggys.

‘World Book Day: Squirrel Class’, Here We Are

What are start to the week! Squirrel and Otter class went to Fakenham Races and learnt about maths within horse racing. Today we have been writing some instructional text on how to make pancakes.

This week we have been looking at the Vikings and understanding their place in our history. We have also thinking and talking about Barnham value this term ‘Creation.’

Homework for Half Term: Practice Spellings on ‘Spelling Shed’ and times tables on ‘tt-rockstars’.


Have a fantastic and relaxing half term.

Friday 15th Feb: Euston estate sprayer.

We have had another busy week in Squirrels, we have finished our myths, pop art, fact files and we have been learning maths in a fun and exciting way ‘Active Maths’

This week in maths we have been measuring, estimating and drawing angles as well as reflecting and translating shapes. We have transferred this skill into our art work.

This week we have been finishing our Propaganda posters, learning about Anglo-Saxon Settlments and looking at nets of 3D shapes.

This week we have been looking at instructional writing and the importance of being specific. Wednesday afternoon we had an epiphany service at the church.

Welcome back!

I hope you have had a fun-filled Christmas holiday and are feeling refreshed and raring to go.  There are lots of exciting learning opportunities to look forward to we are especially keen to start work on our new topic 'Blast from the Past'





Please find Spring 1 medium term plan

Merry Christmas from Squirrel Class and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is coming! Bah humbug?!


The year 5 and 6 Christmas play - Bah Humbug! - is on Wednesday the 12th December in the school hall at 14:00 and 18:00 hours respectively. If the children could have their costumes in school from Monday 3rd December that would be excellent. I ho-ho-hope you all have a merry three and half weeks left of this half-term before the school holidays begin. Merry Christmas! Mr Desira.


We have been learning about The Centenary this week. Squirrels have looked at WW1 maths, researched local soldiers, made trench stew and created a collage inspired by John Singer Sargent.

Squirrel class have been busy this week preparing for Centenary week, we also had a visitor teaching us the basics of ‘Parkour’.

End of term where has it gone! We have had a very exciting week, Mr Holman took us to Forest Schools (very exciting), we have been building our Anderson Shelters and in Science we have been directing owl pellets. Have a wonderful half term.

A busy week in Squirrel Class, we have been looking at worded addition and subtraction problems in maths, talking about and designing 'Anderson Shelters' in Literacy, in Science we started sketching different life cycles and of course the fantastic poem that was performed at Harvest Festival.

Very proud of Squirrel class this week, their writing has been amazing. It was very difficult to choose any of the class to share in assembly. Well done Squirrels.

In Squirrel class this week we continued looking at code cracking and started to ‘Encrypt and Decrypt’ messages using Cipher codes. In Literacy we wrote WW2 diary entries the day Mr Chamberlain declared war on Germany.

This week in Squirrel class we have been looking at 'Morse Code' and how it was first used and we also had a go at cracking a code. We have been finishing our WW2 poetry and starting to add performance to the words.

We have had a very exciting week this week, dissecting flowers 🌹 and learning different types of code (this week Semaphore)

Welcome back!


I hope you have had a wonderful summer break?


This half term our school topic is 'This is your life' we will be carrying out lots of fun activites and projects based on this area.  Our class text we will be reading is "Goodnight Mr Tom" this classic novel will open up many different doors for us in literacy.


Homework will be set on Thursday's.  (Homework is always collected on Tuesdays).  PE is on Monday afternoons.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Best Wishes


Mr Desira and Mrs Jameson

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