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(Approx. 30 mins – 5 min teaching video, 20 mins activity)


  • Join in with the nursery rhyme – Jack and Jill.
  • Sing your own persuasion song to persuade people to buy your gingerbread!
  • Read the sentences – look at the letters, make the sounds, blend the sounds together.
  • Read the sentence and draw a picture to match the sentence.
  • Using lyrics from your persuasion song (you did this before half term) draw 2 pictures and caption them using your lyrics.


  • Device to watch video
  • Monday literacy sheet – may be handy as a reference but not necessary.


Maths (Reception):

(Approx. 30 mins)


  • Which dot plate is the odd one out?
  • Answer the questions on the video – which is heavier/lighter?
  • Make your own balance scales like this: If you don’t have 2 paper cups, you could use carrier bags.
  • Then test out objects – which are heavier, which are lighter?


  • Device to watch the video.
  • Hanger and 2 cups/bags
  • Objects to compare weights.


Maths (Year One):

(Approx. 30 mins)

  • Watch this video: ‘Count one more, one less’ (7mins)

  • Pause video at different points and complete challenges. (20mins)
  • Complete warm up ‘Monday warm up’ sheet
  • Complete worksheet ‘Yr1 Monday Maths’

Activity/ Resources:

  • Paper, pencils
  • Device to watch video
  • Separate sheets (Yr1 Monday Maths warm up + worksheet)



  • We have now finished phase 3 (a group of sounds) so, we are going to spend some time revisiting challenging sounds and playing games to support our sound knowledge.
  • Every day we are going to do: flashcards/game/weird writing/phonics play.


  • First, Watch Miss Sutton’s video.


  • Join in, saying the sounds on the flashcards.
  • Game: Score a sound – choose 5x Phase 3 sounds from your sound mat – (attached in resources). Write them onto post-it notes/sticky labels/pieces of paper. Attach them onto some mugs/bowls. Throw the ball and see if you can score a sound! What sound did you get? Shout out your sound and think of a word with that sound in it.
  • Weird writing: Choose a food to write in – Baked beans, ketchup, mayo! Whatever you like (and whatever your grown-ups say is ok!) to practise any sounds that you have found tricky in phase 3. Check the sound mat to remind you of the sounds we have learnt.
  • Phonics play – Choose a game to play to recap Phase 3 sounds.