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Science at Barnham


Why is Science important?

At Barnham CEVC Primary, all of our teaching and learning builds on our core vision; Inspire, Cherish and Believe.  We recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life; we encourage children to be inquisitive throughout their time at our school and beyond.  The Science curriculum fosters a natural curiosity of the child, encourages respect for living organisms and the physical environment and provides opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence.  We believe that science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concept, skills and positive attitudes.



Our Science curriculum is knowledge and vocabulary rich, ensuring children gain a deep understanding of fundamental scientific knowledge and concepts as well as embedding key science specific vocabulary and terminology (Tier 3 vocabulary).  In addition, children are encouraged to develop their scientific curiosity and understanding by working scientifically and applying their knowledge in real life contexts.



Content and Sequence


Modular Approach – Knowledge 

At Barnham CEVCP, Science is taught across each year group in modules that enable pupils to study in depth key scientific understanding, skills and vocabulary. Each module aims to activate and build upon prior learning, including EYFS, to ensure better cognition and retention. Each module is carefully sequenced to enable pupils to purposefully layer learning from previous sessions to facilitate the acquisition and retention of key scientific knowledge. Each module is revisited either later in the year or in the following year as part of a spaced retrieval practice method to ensure pupils retain key knowledge and information. 



Cumulative Quizzing Model (Supporting Cognitive Load)

Pupils are given opportunities to retrieve their knowledge at regular intervals throughout the unit through a 'teach – test – teach – test' model.  The aim of this model is to reinforce and revisit previously taught knowledge and vocabulary.  In Years 2 and 3, children are tested using written quizzes.  'Socrative' is used to facilitate this model of testing in Years 4 – 6 via pupil iPads.