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Sound: r


Start at the top, go down to his chin, then up and over his roof’


Whilst reading our book ‘The dinosaur who lost his roar’, two dinosaurs crept into our classroom! They had lost their roar too, they kept touching their throats to practise

‘r, r, roaaaaarrrrr!’


‘r, r, roaaaaarrrrr!’

We all practised our r formation and applied it to different words. First, we pinched the sounds in the word; r-e-d (3 sounds), then we used our sound knowledge to write the word!


Afterwards, the tricky troll tried to trick us with some new words – but we weren’t being fooled!

Some of us practised writing some of these and slipping them into the tricky trolls dungarees!

 The words were: the / to / no / I.