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Summer 2022

School Farm and Country Fair


Last week, Badger and Fox class travelled to Trinity Park in Ipswich for the School Farm and Country Fair! Firstly, we realised just how long it had been since we had all been out on a coach and for many children they had never been on a school trip on a coach! Throughout the day children and staff were immersed in learning about food production, technology in agriculture and the science of soil!


Highlights from the day included: 

-Meeting nine different breeds of sheep and watching one being sheared! 

-Finding out more about the importance of bees in pollination.

-Seeing a rare (only 1 in the country) non-native Sambar deer 

-Being up close to lots of different livestock (no, we are not having a goat as a school pet, said Mrs Arnold 50 times) 

-Trying delicious local produce

-Discovering how rapeseed oil is made

-Tasting venison burgers And of course, the bus journey and picnic packed lunch are always a highlight!

Year 6 Adventure Day


This week, Year 6 children showed determination, perseverance and resilience as they all completed their Year 6 SATs. As the children have worked so hard for their SATs, we wanted to reward them with a day of fun, team building and adventure. Our day started with bacon butties and a trip on the tractor and trailer, where we disembarked in the middle of nowhere. We had to use our map skills to navigate our way through the fields to our first destination – Burnt Hall. Here the children took on on team building challenges where they had to build a fully working stile and negotiate a raft (with a precious cargo of £10) , through different check points to make it across the river. The children demonstrated great negotiating and team-work skills to complete their tasks. Julie and Sandra (from our school kitchen) had surprised us all with hampers fully loaded with cheese straws, sausage rolls, cakes and homemade biscuits! We then made our way to the woods where we were able to have lunch and spend some time den building, climbing and enjoying time with our friends. Thank you to Mr Hawthorne and Ollie for helping to make this day happen.

Year 2 Science Trip

Year 2s had a very exciting afternoon on Thursday. We went on the tractor-trailer to learn about animals; part of our new Science topic Animals including Humans.

We met a pony called ‘Moonraker’, who was 8 years old. We asked many scientific questions about ponies and discovered that they are mammals, herbivores and vertebrates. Did you know that ponies have to eat all the time because their digestive system is always working? We thought it was very interesting that it takes 12 hours for ponies’ food to be digested and then excreted! We discovered that ‘Moonraker’ was fully grown, even though he was a small size. We now know for sure that if an animal is small it does not mean it is a baby.


We met some donkeys and discovered that they can live to be 40-45 years old! We observed that their ears are bigger than ponies’ ears, and they have longer, shaggier fur. These donkeys were really noisy and kept braying at us!

We met some horses and learnt that part of their hoof that is called a frog! Do not worry; it is not the kind of frog that hops! This part does not have a horseshoe attached to it, as this is the part that feels pain and discomfort.

Did you know that a horse’s vertebrae go from its head all the way into the top of its tail?

We learnt that horses give birth to live young, which we know is one of the criteria for being a mammal.


Finally, we met some cows and saw many calves! We found out that calves can walk soon after they are born and are fast runners after 2 days (which is very different to humans)!

Cows are herbivores, just like the ponies, donkeys and horses, and love gobbling up grass.


We have learnt so much from our Science trip, and are looking forward to applying it to our classroom learning!