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Who sank the boat?

Who sank the boat?


(Approx.40 mins – 13 mins teaching, 25 mins activity) 

  • Watch Who Sank the Boat Story Video (5mins) 

  • Pause the video to discuss what is happening to the boat 

  • Discuss why you think the boat sunk 

  • Watch the experiment video with Miss Flower (8mins)

  • Conduct your own investigation as below



  • Watch the experiment video with Miss Flower (8 mins)  

  • Go on a hunt around your house to find objects to use in the activity in conjunction with a grown up. (5mins) 

  • Conduct the experiment under the supervision of an adult (5mins) 

  • Using the ‘Does it Sink or Float worksheet’ draw or write each item on the sheet and then tick the box to show whether it sinks or floats. (10-15 mins) 

  • Complete the ‘an investigation about… worksheet’ – write a title for the experiment, draw a picture of what you did and write a sentence to explain what you found out. 



  • It is recommended that this activity is carried out under adult supervision 

  • Worksheet or paper, pencils 

  • Device to watch video 

  • A container to hold water e.g. plastic box or complete the experiment in the sink or bath 

  • Items to submerge in the water  


First video: The story

Still image for this video

Second video: The experiment

Still image for this video