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Squirrels last day. Goodbye and good luck 😁

Squirrel Class 2017-2018

Wow, where has the year gone? The end of the year is upon us and I can’t believe it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Squirrel Class for allowing me to have the opportunity to teach you this academic year and also their families for the privilege of getting to know you all.


I would like to wish you all the best for the future and Year 6 I know that you will all have a fantastic time in Otter Class, I will miss teaching you next year.


Enjoy your summer break have a happy and relaxing time.


Mark Desira

Thursday 12th July: In Science this week Squirrel class have been designing, predicting, carrying out, recording results and writing conclusions.

Sharing assembly: Year 5 flutes with Mrs Britan. Six Squirrels performed six songs for the school and a selection of parents. Fantastic playing, the rest of the class were very proud.

Thursday 5th July: Maths with a Year 7-11 teacher from Thurston Community College.

Tuesday 26th June: Football freestyling with Ash.

The last day of countryside week.

Thursday 21st June: Air rifles and game birds.

Tuesday 19th June: Tracking with the RAF and learning about farm machinery.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Squirrel dads!

This week in Squirrel class they have been working on their resilience and growth mindset; they have planned and written growth mindset poems and as a class they have been working on their team building skills. In computing they have been learning ‘Morse Code’ the children really enjoyed this lesson.

What a great first week back, Squirrels have worked hard in maths securing their understanding of square and cube numbers also they have made some fantastic slime in DT.

Friday 24th May: we have finished making our Maya masks and carried out a class debate on homework,this was a very interesting topic and discussion. Have a great half term!

Thursday 17th May - Deer management with Chris Rogers, we learnt lots this afternoon, how many different types of deer live on the estate and how does Mr Hawthorne manage them so they don't eat his crops.

This week we were lucky enough to observe some woodland management on the 'Euston Estate'. The class timed how long it takes for a machine to cut a tree down and also how long it takes Tom the tree surgeon to carry out the same job. Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

Welcome back Squirrels! This week in literacy we have started working on reports and journalistic writing. The children have had great fun interviewing each other during role play.

Happy Easter from Squirrel Class have a great Easter break.

Tuesday 27th March launching our rockets. In Science this week we created a test using controlled and dependent variables using the rockets they made for homework.

Monday 19th March - Tea Tasting. Friday 23rd March - Tree planting with Mr Holman.

Thursday 15th March Barnham's World Book day in Squirrels. A big thank you to everyone who came to our story cafe, I couldn't belive the effort that went into the costumes and make-up, well done everyone.

8th March - Squirrels have had a very busy day today, we have had a class debate on the topic of should primary school children wear school uniforms? We have also been analysing the contents of owl pellets.

Squirrel Class had a surprise visitor today. Oliver from the Euston Estate brought in his tractor for the class to look at. He kindly answered many interesting questions about his tracctor and working on a farm. The children were blown away about some of Olivers facts. These are a few facts: It costs between £2000 & £3000 to change a big tyre, it has 160 bhp and it is made in Germany and then delivered to Felixstowe. Thank you Oliver!

Fakenham race course, Racing to school: A fun and educational day spent learning about the horse racing industry including lots and lots of maths! Have a great half term.

RE: This week Squirrel class have been learning about Islamic art. This art is based on geometric shapes, 8 pointed stars and tessellation. They know lots of new facts.

PE: This week the children have had fun learning and performing the New Zealand war dance - Haka

Science - Planets in our Solar System. The children are starting to build their very own Solar System out of paer mache.

Welcome back Squirrels - Christmas recounts and maths problems.

Merry Christmas!

Friday 15th December: we loved making and decorating our desira-ble Christmas biscuits.

Wendesday 29th November - 4 Sundays of Advent.

Barnham Street Market - Squirrel Class (France)

Planting Willow with Muddy Jo.

Muddy Jo, Sam the Van, Craig the Carpenter, Pretty Polly and Jolly Jon came in from Greener Growth, to help us make the nature area more, friendly for the wildlife. First of all we watched Sam and Craig build a nature hotel on the wall for the birds, bats and other creatures. It was made out of treated wood shaped in a hexagon.

Next to the pond we built a wooden pyramid out of sticks, logs and Silver Birch. We built this because in the winter all the animals have to have somewhere to live. We had to make sure there is enough holes so that the animals can climb into the nest.

Last of all we planted 2 different types of Willow, the reason we planted it in autumn is because Willow is dormant in this season. Firstly we had to lay down a black weed suppressing membrane so that the weeds don’t take all of the nutrients from the Willow. Two volunteers helped to poke holes in the membrane with bamboo sticks so that we could plant in the Willow. The Willow must be in the ground firmly.



By Millie and Aimee.

Squirrel class were very fortunate to give Muddy Jo a helping hand to build the new school chicken run! (31st October 2017)

Colourful Beans

This week we had a visitor in Squirrel class, Jo (Muddy Jo) from Greener Growth.  She brought in some bean pods that we opened and inside were some beautiful beans.  We are going to dry the beans and let them harden so that we can take them home and plant them in our gardens.


By  Aimee and Rhys


Have a fantastic break and we will see in a week refreshed and ready for the new term.


Mr Desira

Muddy Jo (Greener Growth)

Week commencing 9th October. Mosque and Cathedral visit.

Welcome back!


I hope you have had a wonderful summer break.  We have all experienced a very enjoyable and productive first few weeks back at school.  We have shared our holiday stories and started to create letters to write to an imaginary pen pals.


We were excited to have a special assembly on the school field where the new outdoor cabin was revealed.  In the afternoon we discussed ideas for our new topic 'Come Dine With Me' and we have decided to come up with a menu that we will be able to use and apply to numerous subjects, this week we will strat our instructional writing in Literacy.


Homework will be set from next Thursday.  (Homework is always collected on Tuesdays).  PE is on Mondays and Wednesday afternoons.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We have had a very busy week in Squirrels this week, not only have we had our normal lessons but we have had to squeeze in singing practice for the 'Harvest Festival'. The whole school performed brilliantly and I was very proud of Squirrel class.


The learning objective for this week in Science was: To understand reversible and irreversible changes. To accomplish this we went to the cabin in groups of 8 and investigated whether butter, egg, water and bread were a reversible or irreversible material.

Week Commencing 2nd October

Week commencing 25th September - We have been rehearsing our song for the Harvest afternoon at the church.