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Hedgehogs have had the most amazing week with so much hands-on learning and new experiences. Here is a snap shot of our week...


The day kicked-started with an assembly. The children were all set a challenge to guess what each photo was. There were 33 photos and the tricky part was that they were all taken as a close up. Hedgehogs loved guessing these!

We then learnt about cows. The children wanted to know how we got our milk so we found out through role play. The milk was collected from the cow in the barn, was taken to the dairy to be pasteurised, was put into bottles and then transported to Tesco ready to be bought. 
We had been so busy in our dairy that it was only right we stopped for a rest to eat some cheese. We were lucky enough to try cow’s cheese, goat’s cheese and sheep’s cheese. We decided that we liked goat’s cheese the best. Yum!
After a busy day working in the barn, at the dairy and at Tesco we treated ourselves with a delicious glass of chocolate or strawberry milkshake 😴 🥛 


Tuesday got off to a great start! We were all extremely excited to get on the trailer and be taken to the farm by a tractor. The journey was bumpy but we saw lots of things on our way, including a hare and lots of butterflies. What awaited for us at Euston Estate was a mystery and we were all excited to find out...

When we got to the farm, we were taken straight to a field with lots of green leaves. It was a carrot field! Mr Hawthorne told us lots of information about carrots - Did you know that carrots are made up mostly from water?  Did you know that carrots bend because they have hit a stone, or something hard, and have to change the direction they are growing?  The best bit about this trip was that we got to pull up our own carrots- one...two...three...PULL!

We then learnt more about vegetables with Tom. He told us the journey of a carrot from seed to shops, all about potatoes and why onions have a dried outside layer. We also got the chance to look at the combine harvester and find out how it harvests wheat!
When we got back to school, we had a great idea to paint carrots...with carrot tops! It was a great spin on painting (and lots of fun too). 


We used our freshly picked carrots to make carrot and coriander (grown in Hedgehog garden) soup. It was delicious!

We even managed to use the vegetables in our maths - measuring the lengths of carrots, weighing vegetables and printing patterns with potatoes. 


Thursday started with a visit from Greener Growth. We worked with Muddy Jo to find natural materials for our bug hotel. We learnt that nettles are great for butterflies and every garden should have 9ne area (big or small) with nettles for butterflies to lay their eggs. We also mixed some manure into the soil and planted squash and beans. It was great fun!

We still had carrots to spare and what better way to end our vegetable journey by making CARROT CAKE! The children had the chance to measure and weigh ingredients to make their own cakes. 
A surprise visit! Our faces tell the whole story 😊


Today marked the finale of an amazing week, however, the learning and hands-on experience continued with a full day at Euston Estate. The day started with a Sharing Assembly where the winners from the photo challenge launch (on Monday) were announced - well done, Keturah!  We then got to watch sheepdogs round up a flock of sheep and put them in their pen (this was Mrs Bird’s favourite part of the day). After the demonstration we worked our way around five stations:

Pigs - we learnt about pigs, how they are kept and what meats come from pigs. 

Tractor ride - we got to see piglets!

Sheep - Dennis sheared a sheep right in front of us and we got to feel fleece. 

Cows - we learnt about cows, saw a calf and we were able to tell Andrew all about what we knew about milking cows (he was impressed with our knowledge 😄)

Tasting - we had the chance to taste lamb, beef, pork and pheasant (followed by strawberries supplied by Kiyah’s mum - thank you!) 

Today was the perfect end to a perfect week 😊


Welcome back to Hedgehog Class and I hope that you have had a lovely Christmas (with lots of rest).  We are all very excited about the start of a new term and can't wait for all of the amazing learning that will take place.

This term's topic is:


'We've got the whole world in our hands'


We will update this page regularly to show you all of the great stuff we have been doing in Hedgehog Class.


Warm regards,

Mrs Bird & the Hedgehog Team


Experience Advent

Rev. Karen Burton and Mrs Houston spent time with Hedgehog Class talking about the meaning of Advent. The children learnt about the meaning of the 4 candles of Advent - love, peace, joy and hope. They had a lovely time participating in all of the prepared activities. Thank you, to Rev. Karen Burton, Rev. Sue Nutt and Mrs Houston for all of their hard work.

Supertato Homework

The children had fun making their own Supertatoes at home.  We love them all!


This week we have been reading the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.  This funny story about a superhero potato brought about an in-depth discussion on potatoes.  The children then enjoyed tasting potatoes cooked in different ways.  Yum yum!  

(photos coming soon...)


We have been having lots of fun this week in Hedgehog Class.  On Friday we had a 'jellytastic' day where the children got the chance to learn about the Creation Story, learn jellyfish facts, make their own jellyfish and even eat jelly!

Whether you're new to Hedgehog Class or are experienced Hedgehogs, we welcome you all to join us in a fun-packed term where lots of learning will take place. This term the children will focus on the topics 'Magical Me' and 'Come Dine with Me'.  Please feel free to come into school at the end of the day and take a look at what your child has been learning. 


The Hedgehog Team are always happy to answer any questions you have, deal with any concerns or worries and promise to take the very best care or your child. Come and speak to us at any time!


The Hedgehog Team:


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Thank you to everyone who attended the Phonics Workshop but don't panic if you were unable to make it.  I have uploaded a short video to help you with the pronunciation of the sounds your children will be learning.  Please come and speak with a member of the team if you are unsure about any of the sounds.  We are always happy to help :-) 

Sound Pronunciation Guide

Learn how to pronounce the pure sounds with the adorable Sylvie.

Letter Formation Rhymes