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What a wonderful Wednesday! 


For today's mindfulness activity I would like you to go on a number hunt. What is the biggest number you can find? Where did you find it? Maybe you could spot some numbers on a road sign or a door number. Maybe there are numbers near shops or on cars. 


I wonder who is going to find the biggest number? 


For our Whole Class Meet today I would like you to bring something fluffy. 


I can't wait to see everyone at 9:30! 


I'm proud of you all!


Miss Asmiley

Join Miss Sutton for today’s Collective Worship! 

Watch the video. 


Read through your work from yesterday and add:
1. adjectives to describe your nouns- if you have 1 adjective, can you add another to create an expanded noun phrase?
2. adverbs to describe your verbs 
3. precise vocabulary 
4. an extra sentence to give more information 
5. an interesting fact

Bar graph activity

Complete your mindfulness activity this afternoon. Have fun!