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Times Table Mountain

Hi Badgers! 


I know one of your favourite things to do in school is Times Table Mountain! I have decided that I should upload it all so you can keep up your AMAZING times table knowledge from home! 


I know you already know the rules but here they are for any parents who are unsure. 


1. The children have started from red and worked their way up and should know what colour they are on, if not email me and I will remind you smiley


2. Don't look at your sheet before you start... You have 1 minute to complete all (one set) of the questions CORRECTLY! If it is not complete or they have got some wrong they can't move up. 


3. I have to be completely sure that you know those times tables and to do this from home, you need to complete it perfectly 3 times and email me with pictures so I can see. 


4. Keep practicing, the more practice the better you will get!


5. WOW your parents with just how amazing you are! Can you beat them? I feel like there is going to be some serious competitions going on at home!


I can't wait to see how much progress you continue to make! 


Miss Anderson smiley