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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


We hope you will enjoy reading about the variety of ways in which Barnham Church of England Primary School is able to support students with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to reach their full potential. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the SEND team.

If you have been directed to these pages because your child has recently been diagnosed with a Special Educational Need or Disability, we would like to begin by saying, "don't panic." Although this will be a new and potentially daunting experience for many of you, we are here to help and support both you and your child in any way that we can.

At Barnham, we are committed to inclusion; the pupils are at the heart of everything that we do. Every individual should have their needs met within a safe, accessible and caring environment. All staff are aware of SEND within the school and receive high quality information and training. We aim to quickly identify pupils who are making limited progress and provide targeted interventions and support to meet their needs. Our environment at Barnham is developing regularly and consciously to meet the needs of our pupils. We aim to continue to learn, develop and grow our understanding of SEND across the school to meet the needs of all pupils within our care.

We embrace the fact that every child is different and, therefore, the educational needs of every child are different – this is certainly the case for children with SEND.



We believe that the journey through school life should be enjoyable, memorable and valuable, and our vision for all in our school is to inspire, cherish and believe in each person so that they might flourish and fulfil their potential. We strive to make learning irresistible and provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all that is inclusive and engaging so that, regardless of need, individuals can thrive. The curriculum is inspiring, creative and progressive; a rich blend that provides the children within our care with a good base of knowledge and understanding, as well as a strong skill set.

Let’s work together to get the best possible outcomes for your child. We will aim to keep our families fully informed of our SEND processes and their child’s learning and progress regularly throughout the year.

We also have strong links with the Local Authority, Health Professionals and various organisations within our community as we seek the best for every individual.

Hopefully the information on these pages will be useful for you but please note this will outline the practice and range of support offered but is not an exhaustive list, we will always tailor to the needs of individuals and this may change accordingly overtime.

The SEND Team at Barnham


I am the new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) here and began my work at Barnham in April 2023.  I would love to meet with you, so please feel free to pop and say hello as you see me around school. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child or SEND at our school, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Miss Rachel Bacon



(01842) 890253







As SENDCo at Barnham, I am responsible for:

  • Coordinating provision for children with SEND and developing the school’s SEND policy.
  • Ensuring that parents are:
    • Involved in supporting their child’s learning and access.
    • Kept informed about the range and level of support offered to their child.
    • Included in reviewing how their child is doing
    • Consulted about planning successful movement (transition) to a new group or school
  • Liaising with a range of agencies outside school who can offer advice and support to help students overcome any difficulties.
  • Providing specialist advice and facilitating training to ensure that all staff are skilled and confident about meeting a range of needs.


I work alongside an amazing team of staff who will journey with you and your child at Barnham:

Mrs Amy Arnold - Headteacher

She is responsible for:

The day to day management of all aspects of the school, including the provision made for students with SEND.


Mrs Rhonda Tasker

Family Support Practitioner

She is responsible for:

Leading Mental Health at Barnham and supporting families and pupils in school with SEMH needs.


Mrs Sarah Brett

SEND Governor 

She is responsible for:

Supporting our school to evaluate and develop the quality and impact of provision for students with SEN across the school.