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Rainforest Reggae


Warm Up:


Main discussion:

  • Today we are looking at a type of music called ‘reggae’.
  • Most reggae music comes from Jamaica – can you find this on a map?
  • This reggae song is about Rainforests.
  • Rainforests are dense jungle environments, home to some of the world's most endangered species of animals and plants.
  • We depend on rainforests to maintain a supply of fresh water and a substantial amount of natural medicines.


Activity and questions:

  1. Listen to the song – concentrate on the instruments.
  2. What instruments do you think that you can hear?
  3. Why do you think they have used these instrument? Maybe you think that they are using a shaker to create the sound of rain in the forest?
  4. What instruments would you use to make a rainforest reggae song?
  5. Play the song and join in – you could sing, dance or use your instruments that you made in week 2 to join in!
  6. Play the song really loudly and very quietly – which one do you prefer and why?