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WEEK 1 - WB 23rd March

Week 1

WB: 23rd March 2020


This Week

Send me an email telling me all of the things you have been up to this week.  What have been the best and worst bits of your week?  Have you got any ideas of things to do if your friends get bored?  If you send me a photo then I will put them on the website so everyone can keep in touch with what you have been up to.



Please learn your spellings set on Spelling Shed.  Once you have learnt them try writing sentences using each word.  Spellings for this week and activities are below.

Feel free to send me photos of what you have been up to this week to give others inspiration.  It's also a great way to get to see each other.



This week the focus will be recognising tenths and hundredths, tenths as a decimal, tenths on a place value grid, tenths on a number line and dividing 1 digit by 10.  Follow the link and work through the lessons (answers are provided).


Every day, I would like you to complete the Daily Maths Flashbacks.  These a a few questions which revisit the Maths that have been taught previously in class.  Don't forget the time question - how many different ways can you write the time displayed?  The link can be found at the bottom of this week.


I have uploaded some Mastery Maths - challenge yourself!  The questions get harder as you move down (deep - deeper - deepest).



Read for 15 minutes each day.  Answer one question from each of the VIPERS section (maybe ask an adult to choose a question).



Write a diary entry for a day this week - these might be used one day when studying history!  Think about what is needed for a diary entry:

  • past tense
  • personal pronouns (I, we, my, etc)
  • describe thoughts and feelings
  • include opinions as well as facts
  • use ambitious words
  • informal tone - like you are speaking to someone
  • time conjunctions (when, after, before, until, etc)
  • organise events into paragraphs
  • use inverted commas to show direct speech (don't forget the rules of punctuating speech)


Get Moving

PE with Joe - get up and moving at 9am every morning.  Find his videos on YOUTUBE: The Body Coach TV.