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Welcome to Hedgehog's Class page!


Class Teacher: Miss Grimwood

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Radford (HLTA), Mrs Heffer and Missy


Here you will find lots of useful information and photos about our exciting learning adventure!


If you would like to find out what we have been up to in phonics and how you can develop these skills at home, click on the phonics star!

This will be updated weekly so that you can support your child's learning at home.


Things to remember:

  • PE - Wednesday: Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing their PE kit.
  • Forest school - Friday: Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing suitable forest school clothes e.g. old and warm clothes, waterproofs, sunhat etc.
  • You will have a reading book from school to read at home. Please bring it back to school once it is read and we can help you to choose a new one. 
  • Log all of your reading, both independent and with someone at home, on Go Read.
  • To support maths at home, White Rose Maths 1-minute Maths app is brilliant for subitising and fluency. 
  • Homework - children may be sent home phonics homework to complete which will help to consolidate their learning from the week. This is however, optional. 

Building Inuksuks

In our art this week, we learnt about Inuksuks and tried to make our very own on the cabin field. We had to think about weight, shape and size and how to make things balance!

Water Play!

On a hot day (or even if it's not), Hedgehogs like to cool off in our new river bed and explore levers and transporting. 

Making a portrait that is fab, with Dip, Dip, Dab!

This week we applied our dip, dip, dab technique with different textiles to create amazing portraits!

Getting all creative on our stage

In Hedgehogs, we love creating stories and acting them out with our friends on our stage!

Exploring Textiles

This week we looked at different fabrics and materials and explored pushing them into cardboard. The children found it really fun to put holes into the cardboard and then use their fine motor skills to push different bits of materials through. 

Programming Bee-Bots

This week we explored giving commands to Bee-Bots. The children loved trying to make the Bee-Bots go to a specific shape, or guessing which one it would land on. The children demonstrated fantastic knowledge of the different shapes too! 

Counting to 20

Super Peelers!

This week, Julie (our amazing cook), gave Hedgehogs some potatoes. We let the children decide what to do with them. Some children wanted to peel them and others wanted to see if we could use our printing skills and print with them. 

Looking after our environment

This week in Hedgehogs, we have been planting sunflower seeds and learning about how to look after plants and our environment. The children have shown great care to our new plants and some sunflowers have started to grow!

Shape and pattern

The children used felt squares to make long and thin, short and wide rectangles and bigger squares. 

Creating our own underwater creatures

We read a book called Somebody swallowed Stanley. We discussed how we could look after our planet. Some children decided to draw and create their own underwater scene with interesting creatures!

Exploring number bonds to five.

Exploring repeating patterns with Lego

Printmaking with objects (and hands!)

Mark Making

Exploring our new outdoor area!

This week, Hedgehogs have loved exploring our new outside area! We are so excited to see how they use this new space!

Our Farm Trip

This week we went on the trailer through the farm with Farmer Matthew. We learnt what baby pigs are called (piglets) and found out that pigs live in something called a sty! The piglets were very cute, especially when they were digging in the mud looking for bugs. 

We stopped off in the forest to look for new signs of Spring. We found some trees had green buds on them and learnt that these are their leaves. We also found some strange looking funghi. 


Exploring number to 10

Making an ant story trail

We went outside and gathered leaves, sticks (anything we could find) and created a trail for our imaginary ant to go on. We then had a go at writing some fantastic stories from the perspective of an ant!

Water Play!

Hedgehogs discovered they could fill up the water tray all by themselves using water collected in the waterbutt. They enjoyed putting different objects in the water to find out if they would sink or float!

World Book Day

This week we celebrated World Book Day. The children brought in their favourite books from home. We shared our stories with our friends, whilst having some biscuits! It was a much loved activity!

Tractor visit

The children had a visit from local farmer and his tractor. The children had lots of fantastic questions to ask, such as "Where do you keep the baby cows?"and "What do you use your tractor for?". The children enjoyed measuring the tractor by joining hands and seeing how many Hedgehogs could fit around the tractor. They were also amazed by how big the wheels were! We managed to fit five children inside one!

Making Rainbow Wraps

This week we tried lots of different vegetables and fruits and made our own rainbow wraps. We had a go at ribboning, using a peeler. It was very tricky! We found out that it is important to eat vegetables and fruits of lots of different colours to keep us healthy.



Making ramps