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Good morning Badgers! 


It's Thursday! I can't wait to see all of the learning you produce today. You have blown me away this week already. 


I can't wait to see lots of you for my live story at 2:45! The link will be posted on the Google Classroom at 2:35. Don't be latesmiley 


Miss Andersonsmiley


Collective Worship: Patience

For today's handwriting session I want you to use the session to practice you 'b' Common Exception Words. 


They are:









You could:

-write a different one on a post it note and put it some where around the house. 

- think of a saying for the beginning letter of each one like we have for 'people'- People Eat Oranges People Like Elephants, and 'because'- Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants. 

-write each word three times

-get someone to test you

-draw a picture for each word

Maths Video

Still image for this video

Today in Art I would like you to spend some time outside and create a self portrait with natural materials. 


What could you use for the hair?
What will the eyes be?
Can you do your whole body?
Could you get someone to place objects around you so that it is life size?
Are you pulling a smiley face or a funny face?