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Sound: aw


aw aw saw you yawn

Follow the fly all the way around, up down and flick it away, whoop, whiffy Wilson wouldn't wash!


After enjoying listening to the story 'yawn' by Nick Sharatt, we practised forming the aw digraph on a big yawn (as shown in photos).


After that, we practised writing real and beegu words with the aw digraph in them.

y-aw-n / s-t-r-aw-b-e-rr-ie-s / s-t-r-aw / c-l-aw / aw-f-u-l


Finally, we watched Geraldine the giraffe find different things around her house with the aw digraph in them. I wonder if you can find anything in your house with the aw digraph in them? Maybe you could label them!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3