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Time and Place


Our fascinating visit to the archaeological dig led by Rob from the British Museum

Spring 1

This half term, in History, we are continuing to look at the Stone Age. We are going to be building upon what have learnt already and using it to make comparisons to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. 



Spring 1 

This half term we are continuing to look at the United Kingdom. We are learning to use an atlas and what information it might be able to give us, for example- populations, travel and tourism, farming, counties, high ground and airports. We will be using this information to update our running maps where we have recorded the information we have learnt so far. 



  • A physical landmark is created naturally. 
  • A human landmark is created by humans. 


We have already discovered where we live and the surrounding counties to us. We have also looked at human and physical landmarks throughout the U.K. 



  • Britain is the 3 countries within the main island of the U.K (S, W, E)
  • The U.K. is made up of 4 countries (S, W, E, NI)



We are going to take our map skills one step further and look at the 8 point compass and use these 8 points to describe where human and physical landmarks can be found within the U.K. We will then go on to describe human and physical landmarks all over the world.