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Gymnastic Competition Sucess!

The first thing I want to say to all of the pupils who took part in the Gymnastic competitions over the last couple of weeks is....WELL DONE!


All pupils put in 100% effort and determination and really did do themselves proud. Competition was tough and the standard was high!


Year 5/6 were fantastic team players and supported and spurred each other on. They were extremely patient as their competition was long and there was a lot of waiting around. The skill they showed was excellent and overall they came 5th in the competition and they should be so so proud of themselves, as I am!


Year 1/2 showed great teamwork in their group routine and even proved they had the patience of a saint when it took me FOREVER to try and get the CD to work! Turns out I never managed to fix it, so they show great resilience when performing their routine to the whispery sound of my ipad playing the song! I had lovely comments from other teachers say how well behaved and mature they had been. Overall they came a brilliant 5th out of 12 schools and I am extremely proud of them!


Year 3/4 had to enter the hall late after mini bus issues! But this did not phase them at all! They went straight into their vault and really showed the judges what they could do! During their routines they showed strength, flexibly and confidence throughout. Even though they told me how nervous they were they did not let this show at all when performing. 

It got to the results stage of the competition and the tension in the room was high! They called out 3rd and 2nd places leaving just 1st left to announce. By this point Mrs Shepperson was shaking with nerves and the pupils were are cool as a cucumber!

The gentleman in charge called out "And in 1st place is.....drum roll please..................... BARNHAM!!!!

the children leap out of their seats and found there rightful place on the 1st podium. 

This mean that the Year 3/4 team are going through to the County final in July. More information to follow.


I would like to say a big thank you to Alice Coding, who supported and trained the children up to the high standard need to enter the competition. 


And one more HUGE well done to all the pupils that took part. You were all excellent and you have made me one very proud teacher!


Mrs Shepperson