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Iron age - Stone age

On a blustery and cloudy spring day in March, Barnham travelled back thousands of years  to the ‘Stone Age’.  With a magical array of props and stories Will Lords team complete a historical picture and teach a multitude of skills needed to survive during this period of time.

As the day unfolded each class were introduced to Stig and Mema (Caveman and Woman) and at first sight they seemed a little scary to the children, however they soon overcome their fears once they were introduced to this rare experience of the historical world. 

The day was split in to two different sections: Stone age to Iron age (KS2) and Storytelling (KS1), the children learnt a lot in a very engaging and interesting way.

During the stone age section we were taught that most of the animal could be used ,for example: teeth for tools, bones for stitching and guts to make fish nets.


Children's Quotes


“It was funny and interesting”


“Recently in Germany they found a Neanderthal thumb print in some charcoal + beeswax for glue, this was over 70,000 years old.  Amazing”


“The face paint was authentic and realistic it was made from red ochre + eyeball glue”