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Sugar Beet at Euston

Sugar Beet Test Beds on the Euston Estate.

Autumn term saw the completion of this season's sugar beet testing on the Euston Estate. In collaboration with the Euston Estate, Matthew Hawthorne and Barnham CEVC Primary School, Otter Class have generated some concrete data resulting from testing variables affecting the sugar beet yield. Variables tested were: the method in which the ground was prepared for planting; the method in which the sugar beet was planted; and the amount of nitrogen fertilizer employed. At harvest (conducted by our year 6 pupils), the sugar beet were counted and weighed, before being sent to British Sugar to analyse the sugar content of the beet. 


The project was visited by reporters from the Eastern Daily Press, who wrote an excellent piece in their newspaper as well as online, featuring photos and quotes from our fabulous pupils (please see attached link). It was great to share some of what we do in partnership with Euston with the wider community!


Not only were the sugar beet trials an excellent curriculum experience - opening up huge opportunities for learning in maths, science, English and geography - they have opened up many future opportunities as the research continues and broadens its scope in both time and space, for example looking at the variables of seasonal weather and different soil types. Furthermore, the results have provided data for Matthew Hawthorne that could result in improved productivity in the years ahead. Watch this space!